1. im assuming that whites or north asians are more likely to have a manifest lousy complexion, whereas the same problems might remain partially obscured and less-manifest when skin tone is darker. I think this is one reason tanning may be popular. A nice tan can often conceal blemishes and irregularities and make the skin appear more uniform and smooth.

  2. Want to get your neighborhood under some real and meaningful protection from the HDC? Get some neighbors together to set up a Local Historic District. We did it in the Gorham Avenue neighborhood. Only 2/3rds of the property owners on the proposed district need to approve being in the district. Local & State historic commissions and RTM approval are the only additional hurdles required. If you are serious about this, and not just interested in complaining, contact the HDC and learn what you can do.

  3. Bon, dommage..pas assez de photos sur les lieux traversés, pas assez de portraits de personnes croisant votre chemin…enfin, la génération beat a échoué dans son projet de transformer son Monde…la plupart sont devenus les apôtres de la société de consommation et les partisans les plus réactionnaires du statu quo…d’autres sont morts de mort violente ou dans des conditions sordides…il reste un zeste de légende…plus fantasmé que la réalité…

  4. In fact, it is very difficult to get into prison in Briton in the first place, so there is no room at all to detour less serious offenders as there might be in the United States. Since a certain mean political class in America insisted upon sending criminals to prison and keeping them there longer, the totally unexpected discovery was made that, with more criminals in prison, there was less crime. So by all means the British should, with their prisons overflowing, not send more criminals to prison so that…ah, I can’t seem to make that work.

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